About Lindsey Gallant

lindseygallantHi, I’m Lindsey Gallant! I’m a writer with a love of everyday theology, a seeker of God, a bearer of beautiful news, and a pilgrim on a life of prayer. Join me as I discover the “Red Letters” of Christ woven into ordinary life.

I grew up in the boreal forest of Canada’s Northwest Territories, and now make my home with my family on our little riverside homestead in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I also blog about home life and homeschooling at Little Hearth & Homestead.


Lindsey holds a Bachelor of Theology from Eastern Pentecostal Bible College/Master’s College & Seminary (Peterborough/Toronto), and a Master of Theological Studies from Wycliffe College (Toronto).

Contact: lindsey@theredlettersblog.com


What are Red Letters?

Red Letters are the thoughts that stand out. The things Christ points out. The scarlet thread woven through the everyday. The tracings of another Author. Red Letters are humbly submitted in the hopes you will read between the lines and see Christ’s words illuminated.



Abraham's Advent Cover

Abraham’s Advent: A Stranger’s Journey to Bethlehem and Beyond

Dared to Believe

Dared to Believe: The Story of Maisie Pillemer (co-authored with Andrew Barron)


Around the Web

Lindsey writes for Testimony, the bi-monthly magazine of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, and her work can also be read on the PAOC’s website Everyday Faith.

Lindsey also writes for the online community Fun + Faith.